Wukong / Understanding of Emptiness


semi-demolished community space intervene, text spray spray paint


Shanghai Urban Space Festival, Dongsiwen Li, Shanghai 2014-2015


As the same situation as many historical community in Shanghai, Dongsiwenli (Near Xinzha Rd and Datian Rd) had been demolished since years ago. Many Chinese character 空(means empty) were written by the government in front of the windows and doors of the houses which were empty. I added some characters besides 空 to make them become a well known sentence/phrases and poems. WUKONG 悟空 is one of them. In Journey to the West, there is a famous character Monkey King was named Sun Wukong. Wukong 悟空, in Chinese means: Understanding of Emptiness. These phrases and poems are living with those left residents and buildings, with an uncertain future. There are 23 pieces till 2015. If you are interested, please go and find them.