張小船 Boat ZHANG Xiaochuan is an artist now living and working in Shanghai, graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London. As she always feel art is much more about a game or a practice in daily life, rather than “art production”, she had been worked as an “employee” (a real employee like any employee) in some art institutions and art magazine for several years, as another way of observation. She is always interested in rethinking and questioning the existing ideas, rules, forms and norms through slightly changed the familiarities, as well as how art could fuck with/escape from everyday life. Instead of art museum and gallery, she prefers to do art work in social spaces. By using body, image, text, and sound, her works are mostly based on life event and personal relationship, with process and site-specific. She also writes poem, and loves to observe language within visual. Her work has been exhibited in England, Japan, and China.