Sync-Movement Without Doubting


walking performance


in collaboration as artist group “kiosk” with Petra Johnson, Nina Schuiki and Shaw Xu Zhifeng


“Forest Fringe Art Festival”, 1933 Art Space, Shanghai 2015




Does Synchronicity shift notions of us and them?


Given the uniqueness of the site, ‘kiosk小卖部’ will set up situations that explore the complexity of the building by using contrasting forms of movement. Whilst not making any direct references to the initial purpose of the building, these forms of movement do work with an awareness of the building’s history. By allowing the architecture to ‘process’ the four members of the group along pathways through the building, the group becomes recognisable through parallel movement and different registers of speed. Simultaneously these movements by the foursome make visible the variety of alleys, stairs, bridges, ramps and paths that criss-cross the building.





Since its inception in 2010 kiosk小卖部 has been adapting its configuration according to venues and circumstance but maintains a core group of members from China, Germany, Turkey and the UK.