Breakfast at Tiffany’s


food jewelry


white bean from Yunnan, yellow bean from Hokkaido, lotus seed from Hunan, cornflakes from Shandong, gouqi/matrimony vine from Qinghai, cashew nut from Vietnam, almond from American, silver, glass string


Display Distribute No. 5: Parallel Trade, The Bazar Compatible Program, Shanghai 2015


Price List


(according to the U.S. website of TIFFANY & Co., but you can get 50% off discount here in Display Distribute)


Pipal Tree Seed (lotus seed) Beads $150


Amber (almond) Pendant Necklace $200


Silver Bean (white bean) Pendant $300


Red Coral (gouqi/matrimony vine) Drop Earrings $450


Yellow Quartz (cornflakes) Ring $700


Indian Sandal Wood (yellow bean) Beads $1000


Round Hook (cornflakes) Earrings $2200


Bird (cashew nut) Charm with Tiffany Diamond $8500